Second only to a home, an RV will likely be the largest purchase that you make. You wouldn’t purchase a home without an inspection and you shouldn’t purchase an RV without an Inspection from an NRVIA Certified Inspector.  


Texas RV Professor Terry Cooper explains why you should have your RV inspected.

Are you well versed in all of the systems in an RV?

The RV that you are thinking about likely has fresh and waste water systems, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and refrigeration components.  Although many of these systems look and feel just like the ones in your home, they are designed and operate differently.

Do you know what to look for when purchasing an RV?

Life safety issues such as LP gas pressure, tire age and condition, carbon monoxide and smoke detector operation and expiration? Are you going to experience major repairs and structural damage because of missing or dried out roof seam sealant? Can you determine if an RV has a roof leak?

I can still remember my first RV.  I certainly thought I looked it over.  Thinking back, I realized two things; I was more into the dreaming mode about where I was going to travel with my new home on wheels, and I also didn't know as much as I thought I did about RV's.