Proper RV inspections are just like a home inspection. All of the systems of the RV are visually inspected and checked for issues.  

Interior systems include, but are not limited to
• Plumbing
• Heating
• Ventilation
• Air Conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Cooktop / Stove
• Electrical systems (12vDC house & chassis, 120vAC house
• Microwave oven
• Washer and dryer
• Interior condition and appearance
• And many others

Exterior systems include, but are not limited to:
• Roof condition
• Slide out systems
• Awnings and slide-toppers
• Antennas
• LP gas tanks
• Tires
• Chassis and house lighting
• Generator
• Propane system
• Leveling system
• Hitch
• Compartments
• Exterior condition and appearance
• And many others.

Water infiltration is one of the leading causes of damage to a recreational vehicle (and one of the most expensive to repair).  Locating potential sources for water to enter your RV allows you to address problems before they become significant. Do you know what to look for? Could you find a pinhole leak in a roof seam?


We have the training, experience and equipment to perform a pressurized leak test on your RV.  We use the patented SealTech 430-AL to find even the smallest leak in the exterior of an RV.


How We Do It

Utilizing the SealTech 403R-AL leak detector, we pressurize your RV.  Once pressurized, a solution is sprayed over all seams, seals, trim and other potential sources of water infiltration.  When bubbles appear, it indicates that air is escaping. If air can escape, water can enter.

We will identify all of the potential leak points and then it's up to you how to repair - do it yourself, send it to a repair center, or a little bit of both.


 We don't sell anything. We don't fix anything.
We simply tell you where the issues are.
We're totally unbiased. Our job is to look out for you and your RV.


See what RV Doctor Gary Bunzer, has to has to say about RV leak testing in his video .