How fast can you come out to inspect?
Schedule permitting, we can come out as quickly as the next day.

Should I buy this RV?
An inspector can't (and shouldn’t) answer that question.  The inspector provides accurate information to allow you, the purchaser, to make an informed decision.

I know a little something about RV’s. Why would I pay for an RV inspection?

Purchasing an RV can be an overwhelming experience, even for the experienced RV’er.  Quite often, we’re thinking about where we’re going to be headed with our new RV, or we may really like a specific feature of the RV that is hard to find, creating a bias in favor of purchasing and ignoring potential issues. Your RV inspector is there to look out for your interests and will provide unbiased information to you.

I live halfway across the country from the RV seller. Do I have to be present for an inspection?
Although we always recommend that you be present during the inspection, it’s not a requirement.  

Do you guarantee the RV after inspection?
No. For information on a WARRANTY CLICK HERE. 

How long does it take to perform an inspection?
Every RV is a little different and options on each RV vary, however, inspections tend to run from 3 to 8 hours. We don’t watch the clock. We watch out for you.

How long does it take to receive my inspection report?
We are more than happy to call you as soon as our inspection is complete to highlight our findings. Reports are usually sent out within 72 hours.  Fluid analysis can take up to 7 days, however a rush service option is available.


You mention Certified RV Inspector and the NRVIA.  What does all of that mean?

The National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association  (NRVIA) is a membership organization providing certification and credentials for professional recreational vehicle inspectors across North America.
NRVIA’s mission is to provide credibility through the testing and awarding of credentials to qualified inspectors.  NRVIA Inspector members are required to follow specific Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics that will ensure the consumer will receive an inspection of the highest quality and caliber.

When the consumer hires and NRVIA Certified Inspector, they can be assured they will be receiving a professional, standardized, and through inspection of their RV equipment.